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5/25/2016 - Potential Changes are Underway to Improve the Lake at Lakewood Park

Potential Changes are Underway to Improve the Lake at Lakewood Park

The City of Salina Parks and Recreation Department, along with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP), take pride in providing Salina and surrounding areas with a community fishing experience at Lakewood Park.
The lake is an important part of our wildlife area needs, and provides citizens with many outdoor opportunities.

 Therefore, SPR has applied for a grant provided by the KDWP’s Community Fisheries Assistance Program (CFAP) to improve fishing access and a healthier fish population at the lake.   
The proposal of improvements include:

  1. Addition of a second floating dock on the West side of the lake with improved access
  2. A fish feeder
  3. Two aerators (for improved oxygen during times of stress)
  4. Reworking of the earthen pier on the South side of the lake
  5. Reclamation of current fish, and restocking of game species

The reclamation of fish is very important as it ensures a quality fishing experience for anglers.

Improvements would not start until grants are awarded in July. If the Parks
and Recreation Department receives funding,
the projects will start this fall.
The process would start with a public notification of the procedures that would be mandated by the KDWP Fisheries Biologist. Then there would be a month of reclamation of all fish species, in an effort to claim as many fish as possible to lessen the loss of fish. Once the allotted time passes, staff with the Parks and Recreation Department and the fisheries biologist for the KDWP will clear the lake of all fish. To remove all invasive species present and restock the lake with new game fish, this part of the process is necessary. The fish that would be restocked include bluegill, Largemouth Bass and Channel Catfish. This project should be complete within two weeks, and the public would be able to resume fishing at Lakewood Park. These measures, recommended by the KWPD, are the fastest way to ensure a better fishery for our anglers.
Fisheries Timeline:

July: Grant money awarded to recipients

August: Catfish stocking program suspended

September: Fish reclamation period

October: Two-week period of suspended fishing, and new fish restocked

November: Trout arrive at Lakewood

 For more information about this project, call the Parks and Recreation Department at (785) 309-5765.