News Releases

5/3/2018 - Santa Fe Avenue Streetscape & Waterline Update (South Street to North Side of Walnut Street)

The Streetscape and Waterline work proposed for next week (weather dependent) is shown on the attached maps and further described as follows:

  • Waterline work at the Walnut Street/Santa Fe Avenue intersection will cause the southeast quadrant to be closed for main line crossing and valve work impacting eastbound thru traffic (sheet 3);

  • Crews will continue removing pavement and curbs on the east side portion of Santa Fe Avenue north of the crosswalk structure between Mulberry Street and Walnut Street (sheet 2);

  • Waterline crews will continue mainline and service work from South Street to Walnut Street (sheet 2);

  • The South Street/Santa Fe Avenue intersection will be open to cross traffic movements (sheet 1);

  • All four sides of the Mulberry Street/Santa Fe Avenue will remain open (sheet 2).

The attached maps also show the parking areas, vehicle cross lanes, and pedestrian paths for visitors and customers to navigate around the area. Pedestrian access to all storefronts is still available even though the Santa Fe Avenue street parking is disrupted. Plenty of downtown parking exists in the public parking lots and along Fifth Street and Seventh Street.

For additional information, please contact Dan Stack, P.E., Civil Engineer, at (785) 309-5725 or