News Releases

5/24/2019 - Santa Fe Overhead Structures (Walnut to Iron)

Santa Fe Ave - Strand Plaza

Smoky Hill Construction will begin work on Strand Plaza on Tuesday, May 28 starting with the removal of the existing sidewalk and planters, then the new plaza will begin to be built. The plaza will be closed to complete the work.

Santa Fe Ave - Walnut Street to Iron Avenue

Smoky Hill Construction will begin work on South Santa Fe Avenue between Walnut Street and Iron Avenue on Wednesday, May 29, working on the west of Santa Fe Avenue. Southbound traffic on Santa Fe Avenue from Iron to Walnut Streets will be closed during this phase.

Wednesday will start with traffic control and the removal of the roadway and parking area. The contractor will install new water services to the businesses. Concrete sidewalk and roadway will be installed and Santa Fe Avenue will reopen to southbound traffic when complete. Northbound traffic will remain open with one land northbound. Parking will be available.

Santa Fe Ave - Spilman Plaza to Walnut Street

Smoky Hill Construction will continue working on the overhead structures for the Streetscape Project in downtown Salina. Wednesday, May 29 and Thursday, May 30, South Santa Fe Avenue from Spilman Plaza to Walnut Street will be closed to traffic. Currently, the columns have been installed on both sides of South Santa Fe Avenue at the Spilman Plaza. Wednesday and Thursday the overhead part of the structure will be erected, and for safety reasons South Santa Fe Avenue will be closed.

South Santa Fe Avenue on the south half of the block from Walnut Street to Mulberry Street will remain open during the street closure. Traffic will be able to access the businesses on the south half of the block and turn around at First Bank Kansas during the closure.

When the structure is complete, South Santa Fe will reopen.