News Releases

9/27/2021 - Bluebird Fiber Continues Work



Eli Drilling will continue placing Bluebird underground fiber optic lines on Otto Avenue and 9th Street through Monday. They will then have crews work on North Street and Ohio Street working down to Crawford for the rest of the week.

Work will be in grass areas with minimum sidewalk closures. No road closures are expected at this time.

The fiber optic cabling and related facilities will connect existing cell towers and future 5G cell towers providing exceptional cell service and high speed networks.

Work is this area will continue until October 1st, 2021.

Questions can be directed to Bluebird contact David Frazier at 816-237-2125 or Eli Drilling contacts, Richard Huston 830-312-0731 or Josh Gruver 830-328-1236.