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1/28/2013 - Commission rejects bids for wayfinding program
Salina Newsletter

Commission rejects bids for wayfinding program

The Salina City Commission on Monday followed city staff’s recommendation to reject all five bids submitted for the installation of 82 signs as part of the city’s ongoing “wayfinding signage” program.

The lowest bid came in at almost $272,000, which was substantially higher than the city engineer’s estimate of $199,500.

The commission voted instead to authorize city staff to apply for Kansas Department of Transportation funds to help fund the project and to seek separate bids for sign-making and labor.

City Engineer Dan Stack said the city will look at the cost-effectiveness of having the signs made and having city staff install them. He said labor comprised more than half of the cost in the bids that were submitted.

       The first installation of signs began in 2009, and the next and final stage involves the installment of signs on the remainder of the arterial streets.