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7/15/2013 - Gage proposes plan for new health department building
Salina Newsletter

Gage proposes plan for new health department building

Salina City Manager Jason Gage today announced a proposal to build a new Salina/Saline County Health Department on the site of the old one at the corner of Seventh and Elm with no tax increase or financial risk for Saline County.

The Salina City Commission and Saline County Commission have been unable to come to an agreement to address the fate of the health department, which has been operating in temporary accommodations for more than a year. The health department’s 100-year-old building was declared unsafe last year because of structural problems in the roof which would cost about $1 million to repair.

At a special meeting on Monday afternoon, Gage laid out a proposal to build a new building on the same site at a cost of $3.7 million to $3.9 million. Other proposals being considered included repairing the current structure and purchasing and renovating a vacant building downtown.

The plan calls for the city and county to each put in $500,000 toward the project, which is what they contribute to operate it each year. It also calls for the health department to contribute $800,000. The rest would be paid for through general obligation bond financing through the City of Salina.