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8/2/2013 - Water Watch Weekly News Update


Contact:  Martha Tasker, Director of Utilities
Phone:  (785) 309-5725


On July 6, 2012, the City of Salina issued a “Water Watch” in an attempt to heighten public awareness of water supply conditions and to ask for voluntary reductions in water use to avoid implementing mandatory restrictions. In order to keep citizens informed, the City of Salina is providing weekly reports on weather conditions, river flows and water usage. 



July 19 – July 25

July 21 – August 1

Precipitation (in)

0.04 – 0.59

0.03 – 1.75 Total (2.87)

Temperatures (F)

80 - 99

66 - 89

Kanopolis Lake Level Elevation (1)




River Flow (cfs2)

30 - 44

45 - 5,660

Water Treated (MGD3)

6.12 – 7.66

5.55 – 7.09

Average Water Treated

6.98 MGD

6.54 MGD

Last week had below-normal temperatures and five days of precipitation. The “Water Watch” has been in place due to the river flow being below 30 cfs and above 20 cfs (triggers Water Warning).  The flow at the Mentor Gauge ranged from 45 cfs to 5,610 cfs.  The Kanopolis Lake level has reached an elevation of 1,464.44, which is 1 foot 5 inches above the conservation pool elevation of 1,463.  Currently, the flow control gate is closed at the lake and the only water reaching the Smoky Hill River is through the v-notch weir (no flow control), which is flowing 32 cfs.  The gate will remain closed until the lake level reaches 1,467.50 or the Mentor Gauge drops to 20 cfs.  Approximately 60 percent of the city’s water supply comes from the Smoky Hill River, and flows in the river are affected by how much water is released from Kanopolis Lake.

The City of Salina continues to encourage water customers to practice water conservation, especially regarding lawn watering and other outdoor uses. 

The City recommends that private domestic well users follow the same practices as the public water users, as the water comes from the same aquifer.

The high temperatures are expected to be between 86 and 93 degrees this week, and six days of precipitation are forecasted. Overall conditions warrant that the “Water Watch” remain in effect until further notice.