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8/27/2013 - Special Exhibit on the Kaw Nation

Exhibit Information: Nona Miller
Phone: 785.309.5776 (day)

General Museum Information: Susan Hawksworth, Director
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Special Exhibit on the Kaw Nation

                                    Date: Now through September 19, 2013
                                    Time: Tuesday-Friday 12-5, Saturday 10-5, Sunday 1-5
                                    Location: Smoky Hill Museum, 211 W. Iron, Salina, KS 67401
                                    Admission: Free

Our state bears their name ... but for many of us they remain a mystery. Known officially as the Kaw Nation, the Kanza tribe made the Great Plains their home and have a long, rich history with the Kansas area. Learn the history of the Kaw at a special traveling exhibit, Kaw Nation Timeline, developed by the Kanza Museum, in the Kaw Nation, Kaw City, Oklahoma. The exhibit is currently at the Smoky Hill Museum and will be on display until September 19.

The timeline covers the Kanza People from the 1500s through 2012. This is a story of success to near destruction to success once more. From first contact with Spanish explorers, to expansive villages which the Kanza used to cover millions of acres of hunting land,  to bartering with French  traders and the eventual encroachment of white settlers that eventually led to relocation and reservations, the Kanza history is an amazing story. The Kaw Nation’s hope is to introduce today’s Kansans to a people that may have been forgotten over time.

Be sure to visit the Smoky Hill Museum and view the Kaw Nation Timeline now through September 19. The Smoky Hill Museum is free and open to the public Tuesdays through Fridays 12-5, Saturdays 10-5 and Sundays 1-5.

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