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10/24/2013 - 2013 Citywide Fall Leaf Collection Program

Brent Buchwald
Street Superintendent
(785) 309-5750

2013 Citywide Fall Leaf Collection Program

The City of Salina is getting ready to start the 2013 Curbside Leaf Collection Program. Please note that crews will start in the south end of Salina and work north. Collection for Zone 1 will be the entire city south of Republic Avenue beginning Monday, November 4th and will conclude Friday, November 15th.

Please rake your leaves into piles between the curb and the sidewalk or just behind the curb if no sidewalk exists. Do not rake or blow leaves into the street as this can be a hazard to traffic and it is a violation of city code. Additionally, placing leaves in the street may prevent our storm drainage systems from working properly.

Please remember there will be no collection of leaves in alleys. Also, please be sure not to park vehicles directly in front of or behind leaf piles as this makes collection more difficult for the crews.

If you are a City sanitation customer, another option is to place the leaves in bags and set these bags next to your cart on your regular trash collection day.  Yard waste carts may also be used. Bags of leaves, along with other yard waste materials, are transported to a special location for compost recycling.  Please do not mix trash with your leaves.

Note: There will not be a second round of curbside leaf collection. Please have the leaves ready for collection at the curbside on the first day of the schedule for each location. Only the sanitation crews will collect leaves from City sanitation customers when leaves are placed in bags or yard waste carts and set alongside the regular trash.

For further information regarding the collection program, please contact the Department of Public Works at 309-5750.