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12/26/2013 - Snow Removal Requirements

Neighborhood Services
Room 201
City-County Bldg.

Snow Removal Requirements
A Reminder from the City of Salina

Residential property owners and business owners are responsible for removal of snow or ice from their public sidewalks within 12 hours after the snow has fallen or the ice has accumulated. You are not allowed to place snow or ice into the city streets. This can create a driving situation that can interfere with safe movement of traffic.
City staff inspects each specific location reported to have a possible public sidewalk snow hazard. If a significant public hazard is found, the property owner or responsible party is contacted informally first for voluntary action. In rare cases where voluntary action does not happen and clear access is urgently needed, the city may act to correct the situation at the owner’s expense. Areas of special concern include busy streets where disabled citizens might need access to accessible ramps at intersections, areas near transit bus stops and routes close to schools.

Downtown business owners are reminded to remove snow around vacant buildings just as if an active business is operating in the building. If possible, placing snow at the curb prior to snow removal during the night will aid in fewer piles at the curb for customers to walk through. Remember, that placing snow in the street after city crews have removed snow from the street is a violation of city code.

It has been well over 12 hours since the snow event of  December 21/22. All property owners should have the  public sidewalks cleared so they are safely accessible for all citizens to use.