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8/11/2014 - 2014 Asphalt Mill & Inlay Road Work Update

Kent Johnson, P.E.
Civil Engineer
(785) 309-5725

2014 Asphalt Mill & Inlay Road Work Update

Location                                                                       Proposed Schedule
Prescott Avenue:      11th Street to Front Street                      8/7 - 8/12
Prescott Avenue:      Front Street to Ohio Street                     8/7 - 8/12
Highland Avenue:    Crawford Street to Prescott Avenue     8/12 - 8/13
Crawford Street:       West City limit to I-135                             8/12 - 8/13
Crawford Street:       Widening at Centennial Road                8/12 - 8/13
Republic Avenue:     9th Street to 5th Street                            8/13 - 8/14
Republic Avenue:     Roach Street to Beatrice Avenue         8/13 - 8/14
Claflin Avenue:        9th Street to 4th Street                             8/14 - 8/15
Saturn Avenue:        Hageman Avenue to Planet Avenue     8/15

Duration of Work:  10 working days (Monday - Friday).
On Monday August 11, 2014 APAC-Kansas, Inc, Shears Division will continue milling & inlaying the streets according to the schedule given above, weather permitting. 

Prescott Avenue, Highland Avenue, Republic Avenue, Claflin Avenue and Saturn Avenue will be closed to through traffic, and Iron Avenue and Crawford Street will be constructed allowing through traffic on alternating lanes.  Generally, the outside lanes are milled and resurfaced first with traffic on the inside lanes, after which traffic is switched to the outside lanes while the inside lanes are resurfaced.

This project is a major component of the 2014 Street Maintenance Program.  The project consists of approximately 6.0 miles of milling the existing asphalt street surface 1.5” deep and then resurfacing it with new asphalt to rehabilitate and preserve the pavement section.  Permanent pavement markings will be placed shortly after resurfacing is complete.

As with any street project, there will be some inconvenience to the public.  Traffic flow within the work zone will be restricted during working hours, and detour signage and flaggers should be expected.  Access to local businesses and homes will be maintained, however, motorists should be prepared for minor delays.  Residences and businesses will be notified if access to driveways will be restricted while work is performed.  On-street parking in work zones will be prohibited.  Any vehicles or equipment left on the street on the day work is scheduled may be towed at the owners expense.

For additional questions, contact the Department of Public Works at 785-309-5725.